Listen wanaume, if there’s one thing we all love, it’s women- sorry not all. But do you think it appropriate for popular Kenyan male celebrities to visit brothels and strip clubs?

Last year when I visited Mombasa, I was so delighted to met a few A-list celebrities that I recognized at a popular club in the city. I joined them and after a few pints, one of them suggest that we visit a strip club which is located in the outskirts of the town. Well, at least they had standards, they refused to take a matatu to Mtwapa and opted for a tuk-tuk.

We checked into the strip club and the three of them tried to hide their faces as much as possible and sat next to the poles. Unfortunately, one of the mistresses noticed one of the celebrities and actually shouted his name with excitement. We all had to walk out to look for another place.

Just the other day, when we visited a ratchet brothel in Nairobi’s downtown, we met a popular and respected celebrity in search of pleasure. Don’t judge us, we were working on the investigative below.

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The legendary hitmaker and media personality looked confused when he saw us. We had to assure him that we won’t expose him.

First of all, is it a bad thing for men to visit these clubs? Well, I don’t see anything wrong with that, as long as you use protection. HOWEVER, if you’re a celebrity, you need stay away from such places, you lose respect from your subjects; who are your fans.

Should celebrities visit brothels and strip clubs? Let us know what you think.