Octopizzo vs Khaligraph Jones

The Kenyan music industry has a lot of unnecessary beef. From gospel to female rappers to the usual suspects, male rappers.

Jaguar and Prezzo buried their hatchet and did a collabo that already has a lot of hits on YouTube thanks to both their fans uniting to support this music project.

Maybe these feuding artiste should borrow a leaf from the two mammoth stars and finally do a collabo to squash the beef.

1. Octopizzo and Khaligraph Jones

These two have been at war for the longest time. Since they started their musical game they have been at war.

Octopizzo has been saying that Khaligraph copies him in all that he does and the response from Khali has always been, he has no beef with Octo.

Khaligaph seems to have grown out of their beef.

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2. Willy Paul and Bahati

Willy Paul and Bahati

Where do we start with this? The two have been beefing for so long, but when the camera’s go on, they call each other ‘brother!’. The hypocrisy is real between the two.

A collabo would probably calm their titties, down.

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3. Jimwat and King Kaka

Jimwat and King Kaka

King Kaka has had beef with so many artistes but the most memorable of them all is with Jimwat.

Jimwat came back just the other day na alikuja na ubaya. During an interview with Mpasho.co.ke, the Calif Records star claimed that King Kaka refused to do a collabo with him. Well it turns out that back in the days when Jimwat was the king of the airwaves, he also denied King Kaka the chance to ride on his fame.

Now they have beef. They need a collabo to cure this bad blood already.

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4. Victoria Kimani and Sauti Sol

Victoria Kimani has beef with Sauti Sol because she claims the fans are so excited about them collaborating with Nigerian artiste yet she was the pioneer of that.

“Victoria Kimani does something first ….. “She isn’t patriotic she this she that …..” Boy band does same exact thing “Oh my gawd they are so innovative” Read the tweet.

Sauti Sol did not even bother responding to her. Their fans did.

Beef season! Is Victoria Kimani throwing shade at Sauti Sol?

5. Msupa S and Femi One

Msupa S is the kalenjin rapper who thinks Beyonce is a rapper. She has a whole song dissing Femi One saying she is broke and talentless. Femi One has not responded but maybe a collabo will make them build the female rap game.

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