The first step especially for ladies when it comes to dreadlocks means going natural; cutting your hair so it starts as a tough journey.

The big issue after this is maintaining them which is expensive and this means you will constantly have to seek hairdresser advice more than usual. For men sitting down for hours and with some discomfort is now a struggle they can relate with.

Some artistes like  DNG, music producer R Kay, Boss of MOG, DJ Moz, Angela Angwenyi and singer Eric Wainaina could not keep up with the struggle so they cut them.

These are some amazingly well-kept dreadlocks by Kenyan Artistes:

  1. Ndegz


3. DJ Sadic

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5. Kris Darling


Kriss Darlin

6. Anto Neosoul



7. Ciru Muriuki