Lagos State Government health officials have revealed that there was a case of COVID-19 at the Africa Movie and Video Choice Awards held recently.

They revealed this in a tweet.

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One of the Kenyans who attended the event was Pascal Tokodi, who came back home a victor after bagging the best supporting actor.

Taking to his Instagram, Pascal wrote,

“Stay home and quarantine 😏”

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Amina AbdiAlso in attendance was super MC, TV host and radio personality Amina Abdi.

She penned a cute letter to her co-host, IK Osakioduwa,

“@ikosakioduwa sorry we didn’t take pics because I had to rush but I genuinely have never had a better co-host 😂ok @fareeddiamondkhimani comes close 🙈 IK was exceptional.”


“A lot of older professionals in the industry often try to make you look bad, embarrass you because you are not as experienced as they are and IK was the complete opposite. A true gentleman on and off stage. He calmed me down throughout the show and encouraged me to believe in myself. He is a real legend. So good at his job yet extremely humble for someone of his repute. He needs rapping and dancing skills though 😂 Thank you for allowing me to shine. 🤗🤗👊🏼 #IHopeWeWorkTogetherAgain.”

To my bibol, come through with the hateful comments 😘😘😘

The two have been advised to self-quarantine after the news went public.

Amina wrote,

“Send positive vibes during this quarantine period.”

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