As if the Obama visit was not enough, Kenya has been ranked the 4th most powerful country in Africa. The report was compiled by Open Source Intelligence Rankings (OSINT) and has been based on a wide range of data.

The aspects explored include infrastructure, education level, global placement economically and other socioeconomic nuances.

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Kenya comes fourth after South Africa, Ethiopia and Egypt. In the ranking, our country was placed as the nation with the most educated population on the continent.The East African country has managed to be among the top 5 countries despite heavy competition from oil and mineral rich Arab countries and South Africa.

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Kenya’s ICT industry is booming, to a point where the country has been christened the African Silicon Savannah. A lot of global corporations have their regional offices in Kenya, for example, Microsoft and IBM. Kenyans also hold top positions in countries across the continent.

Source: Strategic Intelligence Service