Kenyans are known to be among the best meme makers in the world. You probably heard this saying on the streets or in your WhatsApp groups, “A meme a day keeps the heartache away”. That’s absolutely true. A great meme has a warm effect on you especially when it comes at the right time. Afterall, laughter is the best medicine.

Memes are one of the most popular forms of expressing yourself online. Firstly, they can be published on almost any social media platform and this helps them spread like wildfire. Also, people nowadays have short attention spans online …so a meme goes straight to the point.

Kenyans love memes. They can make a meme out of anything! If a politician today did something out of the norm, give it some time and you’ll see a meme floating somewhere nearby. And yes, Kenyans are addicted to memes. However, did you know that there’s a repository of memes that is now easily accessible on your mobile phone? Yes, there really is a platform that exists for you to access whatever types of memes you’re looking for. Actually, it’s growing to be the biggest repository of memes in the region.

Introducing Memes254, a platform that is now being quickly considered as among the most important development in the creation of content and for entertainment, serving all ages in Kenya.

Being easy to access and use, this platform and provides a multimedia source for funny bones in East Africa. Not only is it being used by individuals but media outlets have began utilizing this rich resource to enhance their content.

The platform is optimized for mobile use and is best accessed on the mobile browser or by downloading the apk.

How to get on to the Meme train

To access the repository, click or SMS your name  to 23090. You will receive a reply from the shortcode informing you of your on-boarding and subscription. Thereafter, you will receive a link to log-in to the platform to access the widest selection of photos and videos accessible through your device plus a unique code for activation.

Indeed, Kenya is a meme nation so let’s all enjoy memes254!