Ken Mijungu is a senior reporter and Anchor at NTV who got into media by sheer lack.

The Nairobi streets are tough. The youth are always looking for jobs and that hustle is not easy. Ken Mijungu was no different. The man was living in Umoja when he started on his way up just after law school.

Speaking to Daily Nation, he said that he finished law school and looking for pupilage was not easy for him. This was during the post-election violence time.

He decided to move out to Jamhuri because of all the chaos. During that time, residents of Kibera were torching things around and he was a short distance away. He borrowed his brother’s camera and went to take footage just for his own use.

The K24 crew at that time were there specifically Sheila Kwamboka and Jane Ngoiri. The ladies came to the scene of the violent clashes but unfortunately their camera’s were stolen by the goons and they were chased out.

Ken Mijungu got the surprise of his life when K24 boss Eric Latif called and asked him for the footage.

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And as the phrase goes, the rest is history.

Before that he had hustled by being a taxi driver. Yes, the man behind the camera who gives us the SideBar show once worked as a Taxi Driver.

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