Ken Ambani

Former ‘Tausi’ has talked about the traumatic experience he went through years ago after watching his brother die due to a gunshot wound.

Ken who lost his brother in 1991 recalls that as his most traumatic moment.

Speaking during an interview with the Standard, he said,

‘Losing my eldest brother in 1991.  He was shot dead in Busia during a robbery.

We were seated in the house at around 9 pm when we heard gunshots. Later, we were told that it was my brother who had been shot.’

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Ken Ambani

Ken added that not only did he have to deal with a brother fighting for his life but he later had to deal with his loss.

‘I watched my brother die in hospital. That was when I told myself that the mantle has been passed on to me. I had to grow up.

I had to become the man back home.

All the expectations that came with that moulded me into who I am today.’

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Ken is a father of four and according to him, fatherhood is his biggest achievement.

Have you ever lost a sibling and how did he/she die?

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