Willis Raburu has finally decided to shut down all rumors Raburu.

In this moving from one media house to another dramatic week, Willis Raburu did not miss in the maybe list. Willis hosts 10 over 10 on Citizen TV alongside Joey Muthengi. Joey had also been rumored to have quit citizen a while back but she is still holding to it strong.

Willis has been trending the past week after rumors leaked out of his exit to join NTV and host a similar show to 10 over 10, The Trend. The show just got a new host Amina Abdi who replaced Larry Madowo.

When Mpasho reached out to Willis Raburu regarding the rumor, he did not respond much. All he said is:

we are in talks

It would not have been a surprise if he actually moved to NTV because, at this point, anything in this media houses is possible.

Willis Raburu took to social media with a post where he made sure to address all the rumors before a new week began.

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Willis Raburu

He said:

Interesting weeks I have had with a lot of stories and rumors. I often sit back and just think of how far I have come. In midst of it all, we can forget. Fact is in life, I am by no means where I want to be, but it is not lost on me that I am not where I was. One thing I do know; I am a product of the GRACE of God. I am nothing without GOD. I never say never I don’t quit I have a #PassionForLife Successful people look like you 💯

Of course, this woke the fans and followers. One Kiprono had a lot to ask. He wrote:

Are you featured in daybreak? Aki Willis usiende ntv nani atakaa na mm 10/10 woiyeee

Willis Raburu

Willis replied to him telling him to be patient and see what the next week holds.

@kiprono how about you tune in tomorrow and we can find out together 😂

Well, today being a new week, Willis Raburu alongside Waihiga Mwaura, Joey Muthengi and Fred Ndimbuli start a new show, Day Break every day on Citizen TV.


So the truth is out. Willis has not left Citizen in fact, he is growing his career even bigger with the new brand Citizen TV has launched.

If you had any doubt, mpasho just clarified it all for you.

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