Ringtone vs Doreen Majala

NTV’s Doreen Majla has told off Ringtone, who claims she made a move on him a while back when she was still in high school.

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During a recent interview with Anto Neosoul on The Trend, Ringtone who’s searching for a wife said,

I know of one woman who presents Swahili news on NTV her name is Majala. I went to her former high school Nkeune girls and she helped me sell my CDs. She really harassed me. She used to tell me that she loves me and I told her to study because she was still a child.

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This didn’t go well with Doreen and she sent a stern warning to the controversial gospel singer, telling him not to drag him into his bullshit.

Came across this interview of artist Ringtone bring my name into ‘tafuta bibi campaign’ saying he visited my former school Nkuene girls and that I made advances on him. (I was 16 in high shool) . Warning: Keep my name off childishness, stupidity, and drama. Image isn’t built in a day,’ she tweeted.

Ringtone looking for a wife


Majala’s fans backed her up on this and some of their reactions include;

Blackman King Doreen Majala please 🙏 accept one big Fanta and congratulations for busting this foolish kid!

Jonnie Mumo Haha take it easy, he tried to pull such childish stunt on Zari, it didn’t work! just ignore him, you don’t have to throw stones…

Macharia J Erck Ringtone hata respect hauna jameni ….!!! How can you say such a shit on a national TV… kwanza where the presenter works …..respect that lady and u need to apologize.
Image isn’t built in a day…

Ben Kibet Hiyo ujinga yake sijui watoto 7 , praying continuously for 8 hrs sijui anafikiria msichana gani atakubali. Women are seduced and from there get a chance to determine what is good for both of you. He behaves as if a woman is a robot with no right to choose. Pole@doreenmajala

Loraine Darl Attention jameni.. Ego and pride doesn’t get any wife or girlfriend,

Kirsten Tygress This Guy is too desperate amà ile glue alitumiangà sahi ndio inàreact 🤒

Charles Mulli What’s wrong with this boy? Is he crazy? Advice, looking for a wife is a personal affair you don’t make public debate

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