Media personality Makena Njeri has paid tribute to her late mum.

In a heartwarming message to celebrate her 58th birthday, Makena visited her resting place with flowers with his brother.

Sharing the photos on her Instagram page, Makena thanked her mum for the life lessons and for loving her and her brother.

My Angel! My Mama ♥️.

Our Queen thank you for the life lessons thank you for loving me and Kimani. Thank you for your never ending blessings. A day like today will always remind me of your gentle spirit and kind heart.

You forgave more than anyone could ever imagine, your were not quick to anger and you loved everyone equally.

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She added;

You taught me to always choose love over hate anytime and the memories I have of you are beautiful memories of your never ending smile 😊.

I love you my Mama and your legacy shall live on forever. All the flowers for you my Queen on your birthday! Happy 58th my Mama. I love you keep dancing with the Angels ♥️.

Check out the photos;