Willis Raburu got married in a colourful wedding afew weeks back that we covered even though he tried to pull that “invites only” crap on us.

HARUSI TUNAYO! Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu Surprises Many After Holding SECRET Wedding, Check Out The Beautiful Bride (PHOTOS)

You can check out all the photos from the ceremony in the link above. But away from that, he has really been enjoying his married life, sharing every minute detail of his wedded journey with us on social media. I guess that is why every Tom, Dick and Harry feel they can share their opinions on Willis’ marriage.

Whatever the case may be, he is sick. And Citizen asked his fans to pray for him on social media but what they got instead was treated to some succinct advice from a fan who advised him on how to go about having sex with his wife. Actually, the fan alluded to him being sick due to fatigue from all the bedminton activities. Check out what happened below:

Willis raburu clapback