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Kenyan men are handsome. But they have a bad reputation out there. Some of them are known to be flashy yet they are conmen, have a lot money which they get from dirty businesses, wear make up more than their girlfriends, compete with socialites on Instagram and ofcourse sex pests.

Well, award winning actress Silprosa of Auntie Boss has confirmed that most Kenyan men don’t know how to seduce women. According to the talented actress, all our men know is ask for contacts and use cheap lines to seduce women.

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Silprosa says that she always encounters Kenyan men who have no idea of what love is. This for her is a daily occurrence which is coupled with nasty cat calls.

“Madam nimekunoki, lakini naeza kubeba kweli? This is the question many men ask me in the streets of Nairobi. And I’m left wondering what kind of species are these,” said Silprosa.

Silprosa, who is not happy about Kenyan men, has lashed out at them. She is calling upon Kenyan men to change and be more romantic just like their West African counterparts. Or atleast have some decorum when talking to women.

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And you still wondering why Kenyan women prefer dating white men or men from other African nations? Wonder no more!

Silprosa went ahead to reveal that these Kenyan men use the same words when seducing a woman.

“Sasa madam. Nisaidie number yako nimekupenda…,” she says.

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Here is the video of Silprosa talking about how Kenyan men don’t know how to katia women.