Diamond Platnumz has caught quite the reputation for getting around like Tupac sang.

And alot of East African, fans and haters alike, virtue signal him over his love for puntang I see things differently. I see a hero who is out here living his best life.

His sister has clearly decided to borrow a leaf from his lifestyle -what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander- and she has opened up about her sexual activities.

The sister of whom I speak is a singer called Queen Darleen and she has a dope jam that features Rayvanny:

Diamond and Queen Darleen

She recently granted an interview during the Wasafi Festival in which she opened up about how “sweet” she is. I wonder whether she was referencing the fact that she is made of honey…

”I am telling you, I am the sweetest. I am also very romantic. I have never stayed with one man for over two or three weeks at most.”

Diamond and Queen Darleen

Infact, so talented is she in matters “sweetness” that any man she has ever dated has reportedly come back to her and wanted a reminder; old time’s sake.

”When a man I date leaves, he will always come back. Another thing I must tell you is that I hate it when men hit on me. I like to be the one doing the pursuing. I can’t wait for a man to come to me. I go to them knowing no one can say no to me, I’m a star”

I have an uncle who advised me against getting back with an ex for anything other than pleasures of the flesh:

“Only a dog eats what it threw up.”

As for where she made the statements on changing men every two weeks, she said so in the interview below:

And shout out to Sam Misago for this hot story.