Kaz Lucas has never hidden the fact that she is in a love triad with two other women, one of who prefers to be identified as “they or them”.

The trio is currently on holiday in Mombasa.

Kaz, Dame Yankee and Magic Dyke have been dating for a year now.

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Speaking on an Instagram Live a day, ago where all three made an appearance, Magic explained the genesis of their Throuple.

“Kaz initiated the throuple situation. when I first met Kaz I was interested in her being a play partner not romantic relationship of mine because we were open. The first thing I said to kaz is, ‘don’t fall in love with me, you are not allowed to catch feelings. If that happens we must stop everything’. She was like we will see if I even want that d.”

Magic continued,

“She was like have you ever been in a throuple situation I was like nooo. Then dame and I had a conversation amongst ourselves and we were like are we doing this? And we were like yeah.”

Kaz describes the triad as a “work in progress.”

In another Instagram post, Magic showered Kaz with praises and affection in a public love letter.

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It read,

“Thank you
For letting me in
For trusting me with your raw emotions
For reflecting a light so bright
it melts away the insecurities within
For holding me in the warmth of your love
For sharing pieces of yourself with me
For dreaming with me
creating with me
and growing with me
How blessed am I to have life partners
that see me, hear me, and understand me

The sacred bond we share defies
the distance that stands in between us
You have a home in my heart, mind, and soul
I love the way you love me
I love you
I love us.”

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Check out the live video they did while on holiday in Mombasa.


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