The war between the men in blue and Eastlands areas gangsters is still on. Early today, two notorious Kayole criminals were gunned down few months after one of the city’s toughest cops Hessy released a list of the most wanted criminals in Nairobi.

“We all know these guys, but we are keeping quiet and assuming everything is in order yet innocent people suffer in the hands of these thugs.If you find it hard for you here, Nairobi, better pack your belongings and go back home than risk your life because I am after you. I will only rest after all of you are dead. I have talked, talked and talked but you still do the same thing I tell you not to do,” posted Hessy accompanied by a list of thugs who they are pursuing in relation to crime in the Eastlands areas.

Hessy and company have talked severally with these thugs warning them to change for the better but their warnings and advice have fallen on deaf ears hence the need to use them as an example to others.

Kwani Wamelaniwa? Days After Exposing Kamore And Jonte, Hessy Posts More Photos Of Criminals On Facebook

Well, Sparta and Suspect walirambishwa copper at around 3.30 am after stabbing a middle aged man.

“SUSPECT and SPARTA; they stabbed someone in Dandora phase 5 and robbed him off his phone and 500/=, but wamemaliziwa hapo barabara ya chini karibu na Powerline….41 ya chini around 3.30am. Two home made pistols and 4 mobile phones and 2 knives recovered from them,” read a post by one of the city’s cop.

Many thought it was the late sexy female gangster Clea Adi Vybz husband Mwani Sparta who was killed but the police clarified that it was a different person.

“A clarification please…SPARTA isn’t Mwane or Alakaline Sparta.There’s a list that Hesy Wa Dandora produced of those thugs that,for Dandora to be safe,they must be done away with..It so happened that one-alijulikana kama SPARTA gang moja na SUSPECT,CLINTO  and MACHO(who were burnt in Pipeline)”

Kenyans have commended the police for working round the clock ensuring that they are safe and that these thugs are eliminated.

Wamejua Hawajui! Two Notorious Thugs Lynched By Mob A Few Days After City’s Cop Hessy Warned Them

Here is what some of them had to say

Juliet: Siku za wezi ni arobaine. Zao zimefika

Rafael: Seriously vijana you should change if you are a thief, government aicheki na wezi.

Anne: Why can’t they hustle and let God bless the works of their hands?

Dennis: Big up yourself, ivo ndo inafaa, wakijifanya wanajua.. Mnawamoda wajue hawajui.. Respect

Samuel: Seriously alikua ameiba 500/=……style ni hiyo hiyo. Kudos our officers.

Mary: AkI si vijana wataisha God shuka sasa

Mwangi: Good job our officers

Dan: I remember you giving them warning wareform but wamejua hawajui

Raphael: Hizi vijana zinataka shortcut, mbona wasifanye kazi yakuchoma mahindi ama mjengo, kazi yao nitabia mbaya kuibia raia..bure kabisa

Mike: Well done, why rob somebody and you have energy.

John: Mm cwezi kubali kukufa kabla cjapiga kura…..huyu fala ndie hajui

Celine: Walai hawa watu wamerogwa ninii?? Hawaskii…..kudos ..fagia

Brenda: Haaa…aki hii dunia ni noma…yani unastep raia na ur name bado ndo inakubetray..i wish angebadilisha jina aitwr Specs ndo akuwe anaona magava kwa mbali..Ati Sparta..?me najua jina kama hizi zinacheza ligi ya far ka Jamaica…If you arer in Dandora you’re inside Jamaica and if you f**k  with our properties then we f**k your head.