Finally! The daughter of the opulent decorated religious couple Rev Kathy Kiuna and Bishop Allan Kiuna has graduated with a degree in law from an Australian University. She is said to be the sexiest and one of gthe youngest lawyers in the country. Kathy Kiuna’s daughter is going to be more attractive because every man will now be chasing after her.

Dear Pastor Kathy Kiuna, While You Are Praying For People, Your Daughter Is Smoking Shisha And Partying In A Bikini! (PHOTOS)

Bishop Allan Kiuna, the father, took it to social media top express his joy after his daughter graduated, and just like any other parent who is proud of their offspring, he congratulate her for the great work.

“Am a very very proud father of an incredibly sharp and gorgeous daughter who graduated with a law degree. Thank you very much Vanessa !!!
tsonilCongratulations to her !! And we’ll done Bishop n mum for job well done.”

Here is photo of Kathy Kiuna’s daughter with her father Bishop Allan Kiuna after the graduation ceremony;