Stephanie Kiuna

Reverend Kathy Kiuna and her popular husband Bishop Allan Kiuna are not only some of the most popular church leaders in Kenya, but also doting parents and grandparents.

The power couple is blessed with three beautiful children, two daughters, and a son, by the name Jeremy Kiuna, the last born in the family.

Kathy Kiuna first two children are adorable daughters; the first born, Vanessa Kovac, who walked down the aisle back in December 2016 to exchange vows with her South African lover, Robert Kovac.


The two lovebirds would later welcome a cute and cuddly baby girl back in September 2016, officially making Kathy and hubby Allan Kiuna proud and young grandparents.

Kiuna’s controversial second-born daughter goes by the name Stephanie Kiuna and severally, she has found herself in the middle of a few scandals concerning her party life yet she’s a pastor’s daughter.

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Stephanie Kiuna also happens to be the prettiest and beautiful of the daughters (let’s just be real about it) and with that, she receives more attention and criticism at the same time.

kiuna-grand-daugter (1)

Kathy Kiuna no doubt loves her kids and tries as much as she can to give them her undivided attention, and this time round, she decided to show her affection to her second daughter, Stephanie.

While at it, Kathy Kiuna talked about how her daughter has grown up so fast and in the process, she revealed Stephanie’s real age, which girls are usually not comfortable┬ádoing, and she’s not as old as she looks.

Surprisingly, the second-born of the family is only 21-years-old, as revealed by her mother;

With my baby gal. Can’t believe she’s already 21. What????. I just got her????????????


Here are some of the comments from the post;

maggie_muthoka A younger version of you pretty
stacyegbo Oh my twins for real
evelinenjoga You are growing young ,from glory to glory that’s your story beautiful people
gracekendinjenga She beautiful like mummy
margaret7075 Cute mum n daughter.
true_kenyan_love 21 with the weaves and makeup just like her mom????????????????
nyambura_emily Aaaaw Steph she’s all grown up.time flies