Female Kenyan Pastors

Gone are the days when pastors were known for their boring and modest lifestyles. Nowadays, pastors across the world have adopted a more sophisticated – and super flamboyant – lifestyles. From this, you can easily tell the height of their extravagance from their mode of dressing. Unlike the past, whereby male pastors rocked oversized suits with “funny” shoes that left them with an awkward walking style, like someone who had stepped on burning charcoal. Isitoshe, their female counterparts dressed in sack-like clothing. That is not the case nowadays. Things have changed totally.

These Are The Best Dressed Kenyan Pastors

Just like male pastors, female pastors are also doing great when it comes to fashion. They are the trendsetters in the fashion industry. From dangling rare designer handbags on their arm, to wearing imported expensive clothes and costly heels, these women of God are indeed a living proof that His grace is sufficient.

Well, from Kathy Kiuna to Reverend Lucy Natasha, meet the best dressed female pastors in Kenya;