Kathy Kiuna has discovered a lot in marriage. Especially now that she has been in the union for over a decade with Bishop Allan Kiuna.

kathy kiuna

To most people, these two are simple-Couple goals.

Well, Kathy is advising people on what to do when they want to get married.

Learn from her:

I thank God for making our paths cross. We have come such a mighty long way and can’t wait to enjoy every season together as we grow older. This is our latest discovery. There’s nothing greater in life than marrying right. That u’d rather have nothing in life but are happy together. The kind of challenge we’ve faced this year has made us know that marriage is greater than looks. That looks are such a trivial part when faced with real issues that they don’t even matter the least bit. So when you want to get married, pray from the depth of your heart that God Himself gives you the right spouse who can do life with you even when push comes to shove and the rubber meets the road. We’ve also discovered that marriage is not for kids. Nothing calls for maturity like marriage. Only grown ups say IM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, I WAS WRONG. Babies believe saying these things reduces them when truth is they make them the bigger person. We’ve also discovered that for sure two are better than one as the Bible says. We’ve also discovered that our love for each other has grown to heights untold. Marriage works…