Kate Actress with her baby
Kate Actress with her baby

Actress Catherine Kamau, alias Kate Actress, says the reason she has not posted her daughter on social media is that people are cruel.

Cate was responding to a fan who asked her to post her two-month-old daughter.

“Our social media is something else. We trash even innocent kids. Wacha ikae let me enjoy her cuteness alone,” she wrote on Instagram. 

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Weeks before, the former Mother-in-Law actress took to Instagram to share the photos of her baby, saying she and her husband Phil were not hiding her from the world but hiding the world from her because it is cruel, especially on social media.

“Throwback! Baby K at 2 weeks. We are not hiding her from the world, just hiding the world from her. Such a cruel world especially here on social media. Thank you for all the congratulatory messages. You shall meet her when we are ready. If ever” read her caption.

Kate Actress with her baby

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