Kate Actress
Kate Actress with her hubby Phil Karanja

Months after delivering her baby girl Kate Actress has shared how her husband Phil Karanja colluded with doctors not to induce her labour.

The mother of two wanted an epidural but her husband was having none of it.

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Sharing the details on her You Tube channel, Kate said

“15th of December at 11 am which was on a Sunday. The day before we went out for dinner me, Judy, Abel and Phil and I was craving Chinese or Japanese. (It was expensive Phil shouted).

I had expensive cravings. That night I was feeling funny lying on the couch but we went to bed anyway.

At around 4 am my water broke I woke Phil up and told him babe the baby is coming.’


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Kate added that after informing her husband that the baby was coming, she then called her BFF.

‘We got ready and I called Faith my best friend and in 10 minutes she was there.

We took our time I even had eggs for breakfast. We got there and they told me I am okay so now we wait.’

I was in no pain then. Just those TV kinds of labor and Phil was there to rub my back.’

My friend, I told them I wanted an epidural I did not want the pain and the doctor told me he will see if he will administer it.’

Kumbe these guys had colluded with the doctor not to administer it since my labor was fast and all they kept saying is the doctor is coming and the pain was excruciating.

They then speeded up my labor and by that time the doctor had left saying he’ll be back but my labor was fast so they had to call him back.”

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One of the crazy things Kate did was biting her husband.

‘A few minutes later, Baby K came and I was blessed.

Before I forget I bit Phil as he was trying those movie moves holding my face to calm me down.

The baby journey has been okay and today I will reveal her name. It is Baby Karla Njeri Karanja.’


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