Kate Actress has narrated how she unknowingly suffered from depression after the birth of her son years ago.

Speaking during an interview on Jessy Junction, the mother of two shared,

‘I used to cry everyday for one year, I thought my life was over. I did not know that I was suffering from post partum depression.

That is why nikiomoka I want to put up a place and create a safe haven for young girls going through what I did.’

Asked on whether she dated again after delivering her son and meeting her current husband Phil Karanja, she said,

‘I was shown fire.

I don’t know why some men feel like they are doing you a favour by dating you when you have a child.

But what I learnt is how you put yourself out there is how they will treat you.

Some were good but wengine walinionyesha moto.’

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‘At first I never liked Phil I felt he was too uptight.

He kept telling me that I needed to think about my life. Alikua ananibore.

I felt afadhali Abel as he was not as uptight as Phil.

When I rebranded myself I would go to him to ask for advise that is when we started becoming more than friends.

But no one believed us when we started dating.

When I introduced my son to Phil he was very anxious but he was determined. The relationship was very straining but that’s in the past.

It’s when we were almost getting married is when he called Phil dad. He had earned it,’ Kate shared.

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