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After the protracted online battle between Kiss FM’s Kamene Goro and socialite Huddah, Kate Actress has given her own spin to the drama.

The drama began when Kamene called out Huddah claiming that her luxurious lifestyle is financed by her booming business of selling p*desh.

Check out the link below to peep at Huddah’s reaction.

Huddah brands Kamene Goro ‘peasant’ after she called her ‘Hoe-ddah’

Now, Kate Actress has also decided to throw shade at Kamene.
In an Instagram skit, Kate Actress writes, It is hard being a Kenyan YouTube mum 😩I guess…Meet my kids #kamene and #willyrutu.”
In the video, she can be seen talking to someone off camera whom she called Kamene.
Kate asks,

Ni nini Kamene? Nini nini unatukana tukana huyo mwingine huko? (What is it Kamene? Wht are you teasing your friend incessantly?)

Someone who is off camera responds saying, “Mum, mimi niko tuu hapa nawatch Kiss. (Mum, it is not me, I’m just here watching Kiss)”

Kate shoots back, “Kiss gani? Hizo kiss hivyo ndio utapata mimba wewe. (Which kiss? Those kiss will be the precursor of you getting pregnant)”

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Once she was done shading Kamene, the skit moves one to Willy Paul and his penchant to cry in his music videos.

If you missed that check it out below.

Kate Actress then turns and asks Willy,

“Ni nini unalia lia? Ati amekuua? Na umesimama hapo unareport? (What? why are you crying? That he has killed you? And you are standing there reporting?)”

She then warns them that they will get a whooping if they do not behave.

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Watch the entire hilarious skit below.

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