Sue & Johnnie star Cathrine Kamau has said that even though she had become wildly popular on the Mother-in-law TV show, she opted to leave because she wanted growth.

In an interview with Switch TV’s Chatspot, Cathrine, better known as Kate Actress, said:

I left the popular show mother- in- law and i was jobless for two years. I lea PhilIt production filmft the show because I needed to grow.

Kate said she struggled to get new acting gigs.

She said:

I started looking for a job but no one could hire me then because they thought I was expensive or because I have been on a couple of shows.

Kate and he husband Phil

The beauty also said her husband – Phil Karanja – played a key role in her career. She was able to find her way back through the hit comedy series Sue&Johnny- produced by her husband.

my husband told me that your comeback has to be your own thing. we shot Sue&Johnnie, tried hawking it everywhere but finally got someone who believed in it.

She also revealed that Phil was first her longtime friend before settling down together.

She said:

we met on set, started out as friends. He saw something in me and believed in my brand. We thought to ourselves that we are friends; we get along really well so let’s get married.

Kate looking glorious

She also addressed the issue of how some netizens think she is a brag when she shares many aspects of her life on social media.

She said:

I realised that people get frustrated because they think my life is perfect. I’m not saying that I will stop posting my husband, but posting him doesn’t mean that my family is bliss or i’m showing off in any way. I do it to encourage people out here.

Kate said her career has taught her how to handle trolls and bashing from the internet.

She said:

I have come to understand that being a public figure means that your life is not private anymore.whether you like it or not someone will wake up and use you as a punching bag for their frustrations in life.

Kate posing in a green and gold attire

She added:

I have learned to grow a thick skin but sometimes you have to handle it when they overstep their boundaries. I Clap back hard, but I don’t respond to everything.

She concluded with a piece of advice to aspiring actors saying:

you need to package yourself as a brand. find your strengths, use it for a proper cause.

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