Phil Karanja and Catherine Kamau

Kate Actress is married to the love of her life Phillip Karanja.

He is clearly the type of man every lady wants to be associated with. So when Kate got home after a long day on set, she was surprised to find an 18,500 shilling gift from her bae.

Phil Karanja and Kate Actress

Phillip got her a limited edition bracelet from Jason Wu Swarovski. When Kate The Actress got home on Wednesday her hubby surprised her with the exquisite Prisma Bangle from Jason Wu’s collaboration with Atelier Swarovski.

Kate and Phillip and got married last year in a lavish wedding after dating for about 5 years.

In an interview with True Love, Kate said that she delayed the wedding because she wanted her son, Leon and Phillip to have a good relationship before she walked down the aisle to him. The two finally tied the knot last year in a swanky wedding held at the Windsor Golf Club.

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After a wedding, the one thing that will make you still fall in love with each other is the effort you put into the marriage.