Caroline vs Vera

There seems to be beef brewing between bootylicious socialites Vera Sidika and Dubai based Caroline Brooks.

Sidika took to social media to call her critics/haters peasants, claiming they ‘live in bedsitters and survive on borrowed wifi’.

If I decide to put up a post on my ig how I want to do a giveaway of even just Ksh50,000 you’ll see the amount of beggars in the comment section. THE SAME BEGGARS BE THE ONES HATING FROM THEIR OMURESIdency with 20 other roommates sharing hotspot.

Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika

She went ahead to lash out at those who claim she doesn’t own the Nyari hose.

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Caroline, who’s known for her flashy social media lifestyle took to Instagram to tear Vera apart.

She wrote,

All these ‘rich socialites’ feel like they are powerful just because they bully people who don’t have a platform to defend themselves. I won’t stand for it! Calling people beggars and peasants is so uncalled for. I’d like to see where you came from before the ‘fame’. Let me see the house you grew up in. Actually let me see how much money you have in the bank right now! sINCE you wanna call people peasants. I’ll show you who’s a peasant. Sit down sis. You don’t wanna pLAy with me. You wanna talk money I’ll show you SOMEONE’S money.

She further alleged that her ex-lover left her and not the other way round. She referred to her as toxic and disrespectful.

“You’re broke, insecure and your man left because you are toxic and disrespectful. he’s such a nicE guy and you never deserved a nice guy and you never deserved him . Don’t worry sweetie. I’ll show him how a real woman treats a man,” she wrote.

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Sidika responded to her by sharing a photo flaunting stacks of cash, to prove she isn’t broke.

“A little lunch money and just like last week I’m buying a few folks lunch today. Woke up in good moods,’ she captioned the photo.

Vera Sidika