Timmy Tdat and Naiboi/ Photo By Moses Kiarie

Timmy Tdat has gone big. He is not messing around.

This time around, the Kasabunian artiste has released two things, an EP dubbed Bonke and his own merchandise called Pace Ya Tdat.

On Thursday evening, the Atekwe hitmaker hosted the media and a few of his friends at the Clarence Hotel for this major move.

Timmy Tdat
Timmy Tdat/Photo By Moses Kiarie

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Talking about the EP, the singer revealed that it was just the beginning of new things.

“First of all, Bonke is a name that my dad coined for me and then people around my place started referring to me as that. I was supposed to be a priest but look at me now. Growing up, I was an alter boy at a Catholic church.”

Timmy Tdat and Naiboi /Photo By Moses Kiarie

Adding that “Basically this EP is all about my journey in life.”

The event was graced by Naiboi, Dufla Dilligon, Saint P, J Blessing, Eric One Wash among other celebrities.

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Currently, Tdat is making headlines with the song Why Me featuring Tanzania’s Rostam and Ruby;