They say what you do to others will come back to you!

The popular singer has come to learn that his heavily pregnant mzungu girlfriend has been seeing other men after he dumped his celebrity ancestor girlfriend for her.

You ask who this is? I’m talking about the famous Matatizo hitmaker Harmonize.

Photos going rounds tell the tale of Harmonize’s new girlfriend Sarah hanging out with other men in Zanzibar which fans say is ‘cheating.’


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But according to Harmonize, his Italiano girlfriend is currently not in Tanzania. This comes after Harmonize broke up with long time girlfriend and actress Jacqueline Wolper with whom many thought he would make a perfect couple.

Reports have it that the Bado hitmaker might have been using the lass to get fame and left after being on top of charts. It is barely a month after the two broke up and Harmonize’s new girlfriend is already pregnant. Could he have cheated?

harmonize girlfriend

Harmonize recently put up a scan of their not yet born child. He went on to reveal that it is a son and couldn’t keep calm.

harmonize baby

Harmonize REFUSES Claims That His ANCESTOR Girlfriend Ever SLEPT With His Boss Diamond Platnumz

Here are the men his girlfriend might have been hanging out with:

harmonize girl