Kevin Mwangi alias Karishizo is set to cause ripples in the entertainment industry with his upcoming family reality show.

Before changing his name Karishizzo was best known as Shaniqwa.

The father of one took a break last year but he is back bigger and better acting alongside his wife Mkale Msungu.

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Shaniqwa and wife

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Mpasho Karishizzo said

‘I am working on my YouTube channel, I am trying to do a family reality show.

My wife is so talented so I want to to let her ajiachilie afanye ujinga yake yote yenye anataka on our channel.

I want to do a different kind of reality show.

All the current reality shows we have focus on showing the posh side of life but I want to show the other side.’

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Karishizzo a.k.a Shaniqwa added,

‘I want to have a reality show that connects with mwananchi wa kawaida, shot in the ghetto or the local places I go to.

Tuweke uceleb kando, si ni watu wa kawaida. We have so much stress and people have no money.

So I don’t want to always show the posh side I want to show people that there are other people out there going through problems like them.’

The only reality shows in Kenya at the moment include Nairobi Diaries and ‘Bahati Reality.’.

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Nairobi D mainly focuses on the lives of Pendo, Mishi Dora, Bridget Achieng among others.

On the other hand ‘Bahati Reality’ focuses on the everyday life of gospel artist Bahati, his wife Diana Marua and their three kids.

Below is a link of some of the work Karishizo has done

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