Lulu Hassan has finally spoken.

Before I even go on, can we take time to give Citizen a round of applause? Yaani the Swahili anchors just proved lugha si ya kila mtu, ikona wenyewe.

They have been exciting Kenyans with their many promos for the new anchors who have joined citizen TV. Kidogo kidogo NTV felt threatened and did a quick one. Competition is real lakini cha muhimu ni uhai.

That is as far as my Swahili can go, nimewachia kina Lulu Hassan.

Kanze Dena left Citizen TV to join the government as the newly appointed spokesperson.

Then later on the rumors were that Rashid Abdalla had left NTV to join Lulu to replace Kanze Dena. For over a month we never saw any confirmation to this rumor.

Lulu Hassan

Shock on us, Citizen released a video introducing the new team and guess what? Rashid Abdalla was there. In fact, he walks in to join Lulu at the table and you can see the joy on her face. She was not standing seeing as she is pregnant.

The two have so many blessings pouring on them. From a baby to working together. Okay, I am not so sure working together is a blessing. I mean, don’t you need a break from your spouse.

Baraka za mungu kweli ni za ajabu! Surprise surprise! Lulu Hassan is heavily pregnant

Wake up, Rashid, work Rashid and sleep, Rashid. In the case the two have a fight at home, will it show on TV? Such a tough one.


If things are not going well in your personal life, it can be difficult leaving them at home. Many people take refuge in their work when their personal lives hit some turbulence but that is simply not possible if your spouse is a few desks away.

Many employers feel that this risk is high and formally ban romantic relationships among employees. Well, Lulu Hassan took to social media with a post welcoming Rashid to a place she calls home. She wrote:

Meet my new partner in crime…@rashidyabdalla Karibu kwenye #Nipashewikendi ,Karibu katika @citizentvkenya KARIBU NYUMBANI !!!!

Citizen has also brought on board: Victoria Rubadiri, Yvonne Okwara and Nimrod Taabu and Jamila Mohammed.

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