Politician and lawyer Karen Nyamu has set the record straight once and for all. She has stated that Kikuyu music bigwig Samidoh is a “friend” a very “good friend” and that is all. Well, what is her relationship with his wife? She addresses that.

Speaking on Bustani La Massawe on Radio Jambo, Karen said,

“I don’t care what people say about me, I don’t have the time, they can say all they want I know my truth, I know his as a man who loves his wife and family.”

Are my a second wife? Karen Nyamu addresses her relationship with Samidoh

Massawe Japanni asked her is she knows the Samidoh’s wife,

She responded, “Yes I know her.”


“I know her but our circles are different. and I know she has no beef wth me. Because she knows the truth. She knows that Samidoh is my friend.”

Reiterating on why she pulled down the video of her and Samidoh in Dubai together, Karen said,

“I removed it because of the effect it was having on his family and brands. We were in Dubai, he had a show in dubai and the poster had sonko and Moses kuria, we went all of us. we got on a boat and went like pals.”

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Asked about an eyebrow-raising caption about dressing like a wife material and hoping he notices and married her. Karen brushed off that post saying,

“Hiyo ni utani. hizo ni jokes wale wanapenda kuolewa hawaendi Instagram. I love to joke. Mimi sio mtu was kuolewa siamini na kuolewa, I love getting babies and not marraifge. Marriage is good and there are very many good men out there but I made the decision based on my expeciaerce and that is what I wouldn’t like to get married.”

Asked what the experience was, Karen said,

“it was not a good experience there was violence, kukaziwa kufungiwa to be treated like a property. he was obsessive and controlling. I had a boyfriend who made me panic about that and we were together for two years it was someone in government and powerful and I was intimidated but I’m very happy I made it out of that relationship.”

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