Karen Nyamu has been the talk of the town after her baby daddy went on social media and apologised to his wife for having a baby with his “friend”.

Karen came out to tell her side of the story on Jalango’s Youtube asset, Bonga an Jalas.

She addressed Samidoh’s wife, Edith saying,

“I would tell her, I’m really very sorry because I did not know that you were in the dark I learnt yesterday that you have been in the dark all this time. Samidoh kept insisting saying, ‘Do you think I have not sat her down? do you think she does not know about you?”

‘I did not know Samidoh was married,’ Karen Nyamu on pregnancy


“Edith, I’m very sorry for the anguish that I may have caused you. All along I thought you knew. Your husband told me you knew. No excuses, I’m really sorry about everything.”

The drama was a sizzling hot trending topic that many married women chimed on, one of who is Sarah Kabu who wrote on her socials,

““Jeshi la G.O.A.T wives imefika. Apology accepted coz we love you so much na tunajua mafisi wale wanakutegea hapa nje ni wengi sana, lakini ukirudia tena, we release you to them,””

Karen Nyamu explains how drama with Samidoh’s wife began

Reacting to this, Karen said,

“i saw Sarah Kabu’s comments yesterday saying, Jeshi la GOAT wives imefika. The goat wives are the wives who traditionally wametolewa mbuzi. Sasa ukiona mama kama Sarah Kabu, that is a woman i respect, a woman whom I have drawn inspiration from ninantoa wapi mimi nguvu ya argue na mama kama Sarah Kabu. Because that is a woman i look up to that is a role model of our society and I don’t want to be at longer heads with such women.”

‘Edith, I did not know you were in the dark!’ – Karen Nyamu to Samidoh’s wife

She continued,

“I’m her fan. I’m a big fan. I’m not out here to break a friend’s home. If his home, there is no peace, there is no peace you will have as well.”

Asked about the backlash of this drama on Samidoh’s career, Karen said,

“You cannot bring somebody down. I don’t believe human beings should shape your destiny, usipoenda mugithi ya Samidoh ni wewe unahata ngoma poa. because truth be told hizo show ziko an ngoma moto it is fun.”

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