You have got to love a woman who gives no fizzucks!

And Karen Nyamu is it. Last week we did a story about a man by the name of Rogers who was accusing her of making away with two vehicles that he had loaned out to her as she did her campaigns. He eventually got one back and though it is still unclear whether he got the second car back, what we do know is that he had been hounding Karen Nyamu for both the car and payment.

Lipa Deni Na Urudishe Gari Yangu! Karen Nyamu Gets Herself In The Middle Of Another Drama!

And he had alot of compelling evidence to back his claim but seeing as I am not the law, I simply dropped the evidence then exited stage left.
One would think that such publicity would be damaging to an individual with political aspirations but she simply shrugged it all off.

And she continued to be belligerent over the matter. She took to twitter again to give yet another flippant statement on the matter much to the delight of the men who drool over her and other miscreant sycophants who have refused to hold their preferred women;s rep candidate to standards of integrity.

This is what she said,