Don Kipkorir
Don Kipkorir

Flamboyant city lawyer Don Kipkorir is weeping for his hometown. Kipkorir, who lives in Karen, one of the city’s swanky suburbs, is not happy with the current situation of the area which was once the envy of the town.

‘My Plea And Prayer To Our Police Is , Be Human,’ Cries Larry Madowo’s Lawyer Donald Kipkorir As He Pens An Open Letter To Kenya Police

Don Kipkorir has written an open letter to Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and his deputy Polycarp Igathe begging them to help Karen regain its former glory.

“Dear H.E Mike Sonko & H.E Polycarp Igathe

Make Nairobi A Livable City

The pictures below are of Karen Town now … I was driving to the Hub for shopping before I go home. The Karen Town roundabout is chocked with Matatus, hawkers & Kiosks. People choose to live in different parts of Nairobi because of the City’s Masterplan. People choose Karen because it is supposed to be quiet and serene.

The World’s most beautiful and livable cities are Melbourne, Vienna, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Helsinki and Hamburg and isn’t accidental. They score the highest in the categories of security, stability, healthcare, culture and environment. These cities attract the highest FDI and tourists because of how they are.

For Nairobi to be centre Of Investment, Tourism and Diplomatic & Global Corporate City, it should strive and be a livable city. When you now take away the historical serenity and beauty of Karen, you lose the whole city.

We have a Masterplan… like the above cities, stick with the Masterplan.

Kenya is a Capitalist Country… Not a Socialist Paradise,” he wrote.

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