Kanze Dena
The statehouse spokesperson

When she quit her job at Citizen TV, she shared an inspirational quote with her fans and followers:

“The Journey of life…its one that no one knows the destination… No idea where the meanders are… The bumps.. Potholes.. Smooth roads.. Valleys and the rivers… The one thing I know is that you and I just can’t give up now.. We have come tooo far from where we individually started from… No one said the road will be easy…. What I don’t believe my dears is that God has brought you and I this far to leave us. ..#MaryMary..

I guess she already knew she had been earmarked for a government appointment. Whatever the case may be, she landed a job as the Deputy Government Spokesperson and she has indeed begun earning her keep -the irony of using that phrase when referring to employees of the Kenyan government isn’t lost on me.

She was actually looking sharp today having opted t rock pantsuits and you can see just how sharp she looked by peaking at the photos I am sharing below: