Kanze Dena
The beautiful State House Spokesperson

Kanze Dena Mararo reminisced about the days when she was broke and all she could do to eke out a living was to wash clothes in exchange for meagre wages.

In an interview conducted by rapper Maji Maji of Ghetto Radio, Madam State House advised the youth to  stop being picky when choosing what to do to make ends meet.

Kanze who is now very close to power as the State House spokesperson said,

“Ata mimi Maji Maji, nilianza na kufulia watu nguo (I, too, started out washing clothes for people),” Kanze said.

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Kanze Dena
Lulu Hassan (L), Uhuru Kenyatta (C) and Kanze Dena

Apart from just being a wash mama, Kanze Dena has also tried her hand at other menial jobs to improve her cash flow.

In a past interview, Kanze during a media address recounted how she used to work as a waitress at her grandfather’s fast food restaurant along the busy Nairobi-Mombasa highway.

“I started off in the kitchen peeling potatoes because that was the starting point for everyone,” she cited.

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That said, Kanze told Maji that beside just menial jobs in the  Jua Kali sector, government has also afforded the youth opportunities to get technical skills.

“There are a number of opportunities for the youth in our country. The government is emphasizing on technical training to ensure the youth have the skills required for various jobs,” she stated.

Adding, “The Government is also creating a database through the National Employment Authority where the youth can register so that they can be linked up with jobs that fit their profiles whenever these jobs come up.”

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