Seeing as today Pastor Kanyari is up for discussion as a topic, allow me to show you just how the man is living.

Incase you have forgotten just who he is, well, he is the guy that routinely asks his congregants to contribute 310/- for a blessing. I believe that is a teaching he emphasizes based on Malachi 3:10-18 which is actually very smart.

Anyway, he is in the news again because he is looking to replace his estranged wife Betty Bayo with his personal assistant.

Is Pastor Kanyari’s personal assistant his new bae?

Regardless of what you think about the man, he is winning and that is all that matters. You might, like me, think he has gawdy taste. You might, like me, think he is smart for tapping into people’s need to believe in something but whatever you think, the fact is that he is making bank and spending it on a gawdy palace. Check it out below: