Kiss 100 co-host Jalango has advised young people and Kenyans with prominent parents to take lessons from Kenyan rapper Kahush.

Kahush is son to health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe.

According to Jalango, Kahush does not rub it in people’s faces that his dad is prominent unlike some people.

‘ He does not care about his dad.

He is not his father’s son. His music and his dad’s politics do not mix.

He is just living his life. ‘He is not like do you know who my dad is? 

Sio ati juu baba yako ni MCA everyone must know.’

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Jalango was responding to Kamene Goro who revealed how shocked she had been after meeting Kahush and realizing how humble he is.

‘Last Friday I met Kahush.

He is an amazing, very well disciplined young man.

I was so impressed at how good mannered he is.’

In the past, Kahush has been criticized for being Mutahi Kagwe’s son with some assuming that the milestones he has made is because his dad is famous.

Some even argued that he has no much talent but thrives on his dad’s prominence but going by Jalango’s sentiments we think it’s not true.

People should understand that no one choses where to be born.

And it’s not Kahush’ fault if you were born in a poor family and he was not. Ukiwashwa sana go hug a tree.

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