Kamene Goro spoke about stalking and other issues

In the African setting, it’s expected that every woman should have babies at some point. But for some, not having babies is the route they chose.

Kiss FM radio presenter Kamene Goro’s is among Kenyans who do not want to have children.

Kamene expressed her sentiments on social media that she has no desire to have babies either now or in the near future.

This she revealed during a question and answer segment on her social media platform.

‘”Do you have kids I am a big fan of Kamene and Jalas on Kiss you peeps are a vibe,” posed a fan.

To which she responded,

“No kids…I actually may not even want to have kids…And thank you so  much for the support,” Kamene answered.

Below are reasons why some people chose not to have kids

  1. No motherly/fatherly instincts

It’s not everyone who was meant to be a mother.

Some people have never felt the desire to be parents. This does not mean that they are not good with other people’s kids.

It just means they do not want to have their own kids.

2. Medical complications
Some men and women suffer from medical conditions which can’t allow them to sire or carry a pregnancy.
Some women also suffer from conditions that put them at risk of dying while pregnant eg recurrent ectopic pregnancies.
Other women have ‘weak’ wombs which can’t carry a baby to term.
3. Kids are not a priority to some people
Some people prefer a simple life, especially those who love travelling.
Having kids means slowing them down and that is something some of them don’t appreciate.
They would rather share their love with their nieces and nephews.
4. Some couples prefer adopting
Shocking as it may sound there are people who just prefer adopting a kid and helping them rather than siring their own.
There is nothing wrong in that after all, don’t we all want to be loved?
So if as a man or a woman you decide not to have kids, don’t let the world crucify you for it.
5. God’s timing
For some people there is nothing wrong with them, it’s just that God’s timing haijafika.
Do you think there is anything wrong in a woman/man deciding she does not want kids?