When the pandemic struck radio host Kamene Goro and Jalango were forced to work from home.

This did not sit well with Kamene’s bae as Jalango had to constantly be in Kamene’s house for work purposes.

Speaking during the Morning Kiss, Kamene has said at some point her bae even thought Jalango was sleeping at her place.

‘When I moved into my new house Jalango came to ‘bless’ my house. My friend Charity was around when my man called.

He learnt that Jalango was in my house and he was shocked, he was so insecure yet Jalango is just my homie.

You were working from my house, we cook,chill and watch the show.

My man was like ‘Jalango’ is now sleeping in your house?

I just can’t understand we should be allowed to have male friends.’

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Jalango defended Kamene’s bae saying,

‘You are not my type, you are like a sister to me.

Plus If I was your boyfriend I would not be happy especially considering the type of male friends you hang out with.

Some of the people you hang out with wanaweza kuingiza box haraka sana.’

To which Kamene responded,

‘The problem you have with men not accepting me as your girlfriend hanging out with other men is because you know what you do with other women.

If you want to misbehave with other women not even my insecurity can stop you so nenda zako.’

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