Kamene Goro has said rumours are mostly spread by people who cannot be in the same class as you or people (men) who can’t have you.

Narrating her experience to her co-host Jalas during the morning Kiss, Kamene shared on how she learnt of some rumours concerning her in a corporate meeting,

‘A man who can’t have you or who can’t compete against you are the ones who talk about you the worst.

Hao ndio wanaroroa the most.

Two years ago I walked in for a CORPORATE meeting and one of the bosses ran after me.

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She was like’ I am so impressed about you,What I was told about you is far from what I have seen.’

When she told me the rumor I was very shocked.’

Truth be told we have at one point in life peddled rumors about other people, but do we ever think of how much it hurts others.

What’s the worst thing that has ever been said about you?

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