Kiss 100 radio presenter Kamene Goro has shared details of how a friend duped her at her hour of need after refusing to refund cash meant for a medical procedure.

This she revealed to her co-host Jalango during the Morning Kiss.

‘It was around March and things had gotten tough.

A friend of mine approached me and told me of a project he had but he told me he was short of Ksh 150,000.

He requested of I could lend him the cash which he would then return in two weeks time with an interest.

The money would come back as 500K.’

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Kamene added that since she was not immediately using the cash she agreed, a mistake she regrets to date.

‘I had put the cash aside to go through a medical procedure which was in two weeks time.

I went to my account, withdrew the cash and gave it to my friend. 

I never got the money back.

Two weeks came and I had to go through the procedure but even to the moment I was getting into the hospital, nothing came.

Even to the moment I was getting into the hospital, nothing.’

One thing I have learnt is that money can easily create enemity so be very careful who you trust with your cash.

What’s that one thing a friend has ever done to betray you?

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