Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro was speaking about depression The Morning Kiss with co-host Jalang’o. Kamene revealed that she was diagnosed with depression in 2010

“I got diagnosed with depression in 2010 and it was a lot of issues you know. My upbringing wasn’t as easy as people think it was. There were a lot of things we struggled through and they do weigh down on your soul I kid you not. And it is something I still struggle with on and off up to date.”


“The biggest encouraging factor for me was that my mother could understand but I could not confide in my father because he was like ‘you must be out of your mind’ but it is something my mum understood. She helped me walk through it and get medication because it is like any other sickness like the flu and you need medication.”

Kamene and Jalas

She went on to say that she used to cut herself

“Mine was bad man. I used to cut myself. I still have scars on my hand from the cuts because my depression led me to self-mutilation. “

“But here I am today, up and down good days bad days you just weather the storm.” She concluded

Kamene and Jalang’o opened up about their depression stories to encourage anyone who is going through hard times.

‘People who can’t have you always talk trash about you’ – Kamene Goro