The entertainer spoke her mind about the recent violence in the country

While the rest of us while away time here in Nairobi battling the cold, Kamene Goro is soaking up the sun and beach in Diani. She took to her Instagram account with a very post pregnant with promise. This can only serve to further rumours of an impending announcement that sources close to the matter revealed has caused the NRG top brass sleepless nights.

Word broke yesterday when a little birdie told us that both Kibe and Ms Kamene had arrived at a decision that had all the NRG management scrambling to “get a lid on”.

Kamene’s post was accompanied with a caption that read:

At Full Peace knowing,
1. God is in full control
2. He Loves me too much
3. Greatness is here….I’m ready!


I don’t know about you but just before I take a big step I usually need to take some RnR (rest and relaxation) time to come to terms with it and find my peace on the matter. And that was clear from another of her posts that read:

Lord, Take the little I have and make it grand… “I am El Shaddai, I’ll more than supply your needs….”

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Me, Myself & I time….. #ExcessLove

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We have tried on several occasions to reach Ms Kamene for a comment but I guess she is caught up enjoying the sights and sounds Diani has to offer. We will keep you updated.