Kamene Goro is a bold woman. The curvaceous lass, who has been off the air after calling it a day at Ebru TV is currently into modeling and positive body image.

kamene goro

The plus-size model is among the many celebs who’ve been body shamed but that hasn’t deterred her from showing off what her mama gave her. Kamene Goro has always told off trolls and in her latest message, she had a message for them, which read:

“You joke about my body being too much to handle. Thighs and hips too thick for your hands a** and tits too juicy for your mouth but boy it isn’t my body you need to worry about it’s my mind.”

Body shaming

Well, the bold Kamene has also shared a photo flaunting her body and she says she has been big or rather fat since the age of six. Ms. Goro revealed that she was put on a diet but it didn’t work and claims her body is all generic.


Kamene Goro
Former Ebru TV presenter Kamene Goro shows off her body

“So let me tell you a story, I’m sure you have seen this picture from the Doubledeeske #BeYou campaign, but I’ve never posted it. I can’t really say why but I didn’t have the balls to.

I’ve never been small, I was put on diets from as early as the age of 6, not because I was unhealthy but because society frowned upon me being bigger than the rest, School was a whole other battlefield, straight up to my A levels.
See I wasn’t bothered with how I looked, what bothered me was how everybody else including my family was bothered by it.

I realized the problem was not me, I had no problem with my body, I was fighting my body because everybody else was fighting it. And you could see this struggle manifest in how my body was, how my face looked, and how tough and hard my spirit had become, I was perpetually at war…
And there and then at the age of 18, I said f**ck it! I love my softness! I accepted my body and it started accepting me, everything started falling into place, mind, body, soul. When I accepted myself and loved it, I became the best version of me from the manifestation of beauty, to the strength in my spirit and the joy, love and light that is and always will be my M.O,” wrote Kamene.

Kamene Goro

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She went ahead to tell women to learn to accept themselves.

“My point being, acceptance is the first step. Accept and love you as you are first! And everything else will fall in place. You can never fight yourself and be successful. I would know.”

Other celebrities who’ve been body shamed include Pierra Makena, Neomi Ng’ang’a, Sheila Mwanyigha just to mention but a few.

Kamene Goro

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