kamene goro

Kamene Goro celebrated her 26th birthday this weekend and she was fired up on her social media you could tell she really was excited she turned 26. Considering where she is in her career, she is pretty young and has established herself when it comes to the media industry.

She had done a photoshoot weeks ago for ad of bras and undies for a company which basically deals with endowed girls innerwear. Of course, she was semi-nude and in the mood of celebrating a new year, she posted the picture and women and some weird men were up in arms bashing her saying she is a role model and she should not have posed naked for the camera.

kamene goro

Kamene Goro celebrates 26 years in style (Photos) 

Most of the comments on Kamene’s page were all about women empowerment saying big is also beautiful. Now one Shiks posts a comment that made Kamene rant out on her Instastories.

true story, the body doesn’t look like for a 26 year old. Looks 40something. Should do something, its too flubby just saying not in a bad way.


Kamene Goro took to Instagram with her rant saying she does not understand why people are talking smack about her body. Most of the comments were of people ranting, saying they have lost respect for her. She is one lady who will not die in silence, she posted her clap back and you will love it because she inspires women to be the best they can be even in stretch marks and a big tummy as its normal.

Watch the video of her rant:

Kamene Goro claps back at trolls after her semi-nudes pictures

Kamene Goro claps back at trolls after her semi-nudes pictures

Posted by Mpasho News on Monday, March 26, 2018