One of the dreams many Kenyans hold dear is the dream of employment.

You toil for between 12 to 16 years in school to get a job so you can start earning a living.

For many Kenyans this dream is backed by the necessity to provide for our loved ones: to support the parents who toiled to educate us, to support our younger siblings or even just to be self-sufficient enough to start an independent life and have some career growth and experience.

Now imagine if you would, after being employed at one company, your prayers are answered and you land your dream job. You would be excited right?

Now imagine your dream turning into a nightmare when your old boss and the old company you worked for decide to come after you for leaving.

That is the situation Michelle Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe Mburu have found themselves in as they were served with court papers informing them that NRG Radio does not want them to work for any other radio station.

This is after they landed their dream job at Kiss 100.

The audacious pair were expected to appear before the Employment and Labour Relations Court on Friday, June 28.

This case is rather reminiscent of the time Caroline Mutoko was setting up Kiss 100.

Right at the moment, she was meant to go live as the voice of the freshest radio station in town, Capital FM served her with papers seeking to bar her from going on air.

Radio Africa Group and Caroline Mutoko successfully fought the case and Kiss 100 grew from a fledgeling radio station into one of the biggest radio stations in the country, one of the most listened to English radio stations in Nairobi County and one of the most recognizable brands in East and Central Africa.