Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe
Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe

Kiss FM breakfast host Kamene and Andrew Kibe were the ultimate friendship duo and it was mostly attributed to them working together.

However, that changed.

Sometime last year Kibe quit his job as a breakfast co-host at Kiss FM, leaving Kamene to find a new radio partner who turned out to be Jalas.

The two have been shaking the airwaves together.

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A few days ago Kamene shared on her Instagram page asking people the true or false game where they give you their assumptions and you state whether it is true or false.

One of the fans assumed that she missed working with Kibe and she said it was false and she is honoured and loves working with Jalango.

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Another fan assumed that she and Kibe are still good friends which she stated is false and the grew apart cause life happens.

The duo has not been seen hanging together and just the other day Kibe came out admitting he was homeless at a point.

Well, its true-life happens and they are no longer the Kamene and Kibe duo anymore.

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