Wangeci wa Kariuki

Kameme TV presenter Wangeci wa Kariuki has lashed out at critics who say she dresses inappropriately.

Wangeci wa Kariuki
Wangeci wa Kariuki

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The sexy lass told off her critics in a harsh message, telling them to mind their own business.


This is what I say; everybody should dress the way they want,
If you …..If you are not happy with what I am wearing, go to the next in line (switch channels).

I wasn’t born to make you happy. F**k off. And if you get to heaven just advocate for us who wear short dresses to be locked out or else buy shuka/lesos (sheet) and sell to us,’ she wrote in part.


People can mess you up if you’re not careful. even Jesus threw them out [of church] when they became intolerable. But we’ll still get rich, in Jesus name…

Check out reactions from fans:

Njahira Njahira Tame your tongue …I don’t expect a person like u to talk like this eish give us peace nawahuna uhumbire ndaa …anyway ask people even kabogo was there n wamuchomba too andu aria makugagira ngemi noo makugagira mbuu. .menyerera ruririmi ..pride comes before a fall

Wangeci Wa kariuki I don’t care about any fall I have fallen 100times and God has been picking me up..Nii guoya wa kugwa ndiguraga onaki my friend .I give hope to the hopeless and I don’t judge people I have abused no one .Uguo niguo njaragia so it’s either you like me or no I hate hypocrites its my life …

Lucy M Blessed Even if you don’t care and you care less about other people’s opinions, kindly respect God, matusi na jina la Mungu in one sentence is a death trap . Trend carefully. Ouguo tu

Samuel Thuku Is this real you? Imagine you are loosing it. Utaloose fans ushangae. Maturity is not slavery…..behave!!! Yeah uko na Nguo fupi sana kwanza, so? Tujiue??? Weeeuweeeeee

James Njuguna Stop talking shit ur role model of many young ladies….talks positive always and also respect the media ur working with

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Sammy Samuel Dressing code is your choice but we judge your from your content.

Njeri M Arthur Kwani what does it mean to be a public figure? Does it mean public figures don’t have right on what to wear or express there feelings? ???guys stop the hard feeling abt this issue! Furthermore, There’s no Sea or Ocean in Nairobi that when she falls hatapatikana!haibo! !

Below are photos of Wangeci wa Kariuki:

Wangeci wa Kariuki

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